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Laneige Skincare

Laneige is an international skincare brand under famous South Korean cosmetics company Amore Pacific . This brand was launched in 1994. Laneige believes that everyone can shine. For many years, , Laneige devoted in researching the interaction between water and skin, and found that water is the source of vitality .

As we get older, our own natural skin moisturizing film given at birth gradually fails, as a result of this, our skin becomes dry. During the research, It was found that moisture not only moisturized, but also doubled the effect of whitening and anti-aging. Therefore, Laneige constantly upgraded and improved the exclusive core technology, Water ScienceTM, to convert the source of life into water and vital energy.

There are more than 50 laneige skincare products in our online shop, from moisturizer to sun protection, catering for the skin needs for both women and men. Please take a look and shop for your favorite Laneige skincare products.

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