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IOPE Skincare

IOPE is another cosmetic brand under AmorePacific Corporation. The origin of this brand is Iope Lab. Lab is where the research takes place. Iope lab conducts deep research into skin, material and technology. 4300+ women had their skin conditions checked in Iope Lab and their skin was dignosed with Iope Lab’s cutting-edge device. Based on the research, Iope accurately diagnosis skin problems and delivers effective solution based on botanical ingredients . As such, Iope delivers safe and effective products to resolve various skin problems based on skin research and bio technology.

Iope Lab reported the result of survey on 500 women aged between 20-39 years old in Korea, 93% respondents reported that their skin was sensitive. For those people who has skin sensitivity, they always find it is hard to choose a skincare product, even a toner. They worry if there is harmful ingredient in the product, if there is enough moisture throughout the day, will it cause any pimple or acne, it is soothing and etc. Because of sensitive skin, people have to give up products with fragrance or texture. For your sensitive skin, there are variety of Iope skincare products for you to choose.

Iope skincare products range from anti-aging, wrinkle care, hydration, moisturizer, trouble care, pore care, mask/peel, sun protection and sensitive care. Please take a look at our 40+ iOPE skincare collections.

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