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Hera Skincare & Makeups

Who is Hera?

Hera is one of the famous, luxurious brands of Amore Pacific group. Hera is the inspiration from Seoulista, a new beauty icon, a new era woman who attracts the eyes of the world. This prestige brand was launched in South Korea in Jan 1995. Our skin starts to lose its ideal rhythm at the age of 25. In November 1995, Hera took this insight as a starting point, and launched a skincare line based on the Harmony Complex, which helps the skin to restore its ideal state through cell activation moisturizing and sebum control . The result is a new chapter in skin care based on cell science.

Hera: Exceptional Beauty from Seoul

Since then, Hera has evolved in different skincare lines and makeups based on intensive research, and has become an famous international brand and won many prizes for its reinvention.

What are the Hera skincare lines and makeup lines?

  1. Hera White Program is Korean first ampoule-type whitening program with separate powder and fluid (essence)
  2. Hera for Men (Hera Homme) is the predecessor of the leading grooming care line in Korea , is scented male skincare line for men with aesthetic sense. Hera Homme is reinvented to offer tailor-made products for different skin types.
  3. Hera Body care line is luxurious, elegant-scented.
  4. HERA’s own Color Matching System is identified the colors preferred by each age group and accordingly developed base makeup products
  5. HERAtelier MAKEUP contains an artist’s sense of color sensitivity
  6. Age Away Line: containing ERP (Essential Returning Pool), which is an ingredient made from FDP inside the body . FDP is capable of facilitating vital activity and protecting organ tissue.
  7. HERA DERMA KIT is a dramatic combination of beauty and IT – the combination of HERA’s skin whitening and anti-aging
  8. Age Away Makeup is a perfect premium makeup line, which can provide perfect coverage to create young, bright and smooth, wrinkle-free skin. The skin looks naturally flawless and shine with this perfect makeup line.
  9. HD FIX MAKEUP allows makeup to last for 12 hours through high-coverage and Hyper-fine Dispersion Technology.
  10. Hera CELL ESSENCE is based on Cell-Bio Fluid Sync technology to restore skin water and make the skin smooth and look radiant overnight.
  11. Hera CELL-BIO CREAM contains HERA Cell-Bio Technology. Its ingredients Cell-Bio Omnifocus™ has be patented in five countries worldwide (Korea, US, France, Japan and Mainland China). This creamtreats overall skin problems for younger looking skin.

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