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Stock Alert

Dear Customers,

We have received notice from our products supplier today, the following products are discontinued from now on, and we have removed these products from our shop.

Mamonde-41 Mamonde Micro Mask to Foam 150ml Discoutinued
Mamonde-20 Mamonde Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask 100ml Discoutinued
12860 Innisfree skin clinic mask 20ml Discoutinued
Laneige-117 Laneige Water Bank Ultra Moisture Cream 50ml Discoutinued
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Promotional sale

Dear Customers,

We have ended the promotion of Free Shipping for the total order of AU$99 today. TBA next promotion. Instead the free shipping, we offer you 15% discount on your first order (no discount for shipping fee), or you can subscribe a membership to get regular discount for all your purchase in the future.

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Skin Moisture Barrier

When we look at the description of skincare products, we always see the words ‘increase or improve skin moisture barrier’. So What is skin moisture barrier?

Skin Anotomy

Let’s briefly talk about our skin anotomy and its function first. The normal skin consists three layers:

Human skin. Layered epidermis with hair follicle, sweat and sebaceous glands. Healthy skin anatomy medical vector illustration
Normal Skin Anatomy (Abstracted from 123RF website)
  • The outmost layer is the epidermis, which provides a waterproof barrier and creates our skin tone, so it’s our skin’s protective layer.
  • The middle layer is the dermis, beneath the epidermis. It contains tough connective tissue, hair follicles, and sweat glands.
  • The deeper layer is the subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis). It is made of fat and connective tissue.

The Epidermal Barrier

The epidermis is a core component of our skin and plays a vital role in healthy and compromised skin. According to research, the epidermis and hypodermis work together to act as epidermal barrier for specific diverse function. These include include maintenance of water content and balance , prevention and responses to invasion by microbial organisms and antigens, reduction of the effects of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure , and mitigation of the effects of oxidative stresses.

‘The Epidermal Barrier functions are dynamic and work collectively to maintain healthy skin, characterized by invisible desquamation, smooth texture, elasticity, and ability to respond to shearing forces without rigidity and microfissuring’

The Importance of Epidermis

Although many of the major activities of barrier maintenance and repair occur within the SC, the entire epidermis contributes to the EB (1). If our skin moisture barrier is shattered, our skin loses its moisture and becomes prone to dryniess and sensitivity. However, a strong skin moisturer barrier can absorb and retain sufficient moisture, thereby keep the skin in a healthy state.

In order to achieve healthy skin, we need to protect the skin moisture barrier that is easily damaged by various environmental factors and external irritants.

We have collected of products to improve our skin moisture barrier, such as

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Hera Skincare & Makeups

Who is Hera?

Hera is one of the famous, luxurious brands of Amore Pacific group. Hera is the inspiration from Seoulista, a new beauty icon, a new era woman who attracts the eyes of the world. This prestige brand was launched in South Korea in Jan 1995. Our skin starts to lose its ideal rhythm at the age of 25. In November 1995, Hera took this insight as a starting point, and launched a skincare line based on the Harmony Complex, which helps the skin to restore its ideal state through cell activation moisturizing and sebum control . The result is a new chapter in skin care based on cell science.

Hera: Exceptional Beauty from Seoul

Since then, Hera has evolved in different skincare lines and makeups based on intensive research, and has become an famous international brand and won many prizes for its reinvention.

What are the Hera skincare lines and makeup lines?

  1. Hera White Program is Korean first ampoule-type whitening program with separate powder and fluid (essence)
  2. Hera for Men (Hera Homme) is the predecessor of the leading grooming care line in Korea , is scented male skincare line for men with aesthetic sense. Hera Homme is reinvented to offer tailor-made products for different skin types.
  3. Hera Body care line is luxurious, elegant-scented.
  4. HERA’s own Color Matching System is identified the colors preferred by each age group and accordingly developed base makeup products
  5. HERAtelier MAKEUP contains an artist’s sense of color sensitivity
  6. Age Away Line: containing ERP (Essential Returning Pool), which is an ingredient made from FDP inside the body . FDP is capable of facilitating vital activity and protecting organ tissue.
  7. HERA DERMA KIT is a dramatic combination of beauty and IT – the combination of HERA’s skin whitening and anti-aging
  8. Age Away Makeup is a perfect premium makeup line, which can provide perfect coverage to create young, bright and smooth, wrinkle-free skin. The skin looks naturally flawless and shine with this perfect makeup line.
  9. HD FIX MAKEUP allows makeup to last for 12 hours through high-coverage and Hyper-fine Dispersion Technology.
  10. Hera CELL ESSENCE is based on Cell-Bio Fluid Sync technology to restore skin water and make the skin smooth and look radiant overnight.
  11. Hera CELL-BIO CREAM contains HERA Cell-Bio Technology. Its ingredients Cell-Bio Omnifocus™ has be patented in five countries worldwide (Korea, US, France, Japan and Mainland China). This creamtreats overall skin problems for younger looking skin.

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Laneige Skincare

Laneige is an international skincare brand under famous South Korean cosmetics company Amore Pacific . This brand was launched in 1994. Laneige believes that everyone can shine. For many years, , Laneige devoted in researching the interaction between water and skin, and found that water is the source of vitality .

As we get older, our own natural skin moisturizing film given at birth gradually fails, as a result of this, our skin becomes dry. During the research, It was found that moisture not only moisturized, but also doubled the effect of whitening and anti-aging. Therefore, Laneige constantly upgraded and improved the exclusive core technology, Water ScienceTM, to convert the source of life into water and vital energy.

There are more than 50 laneige skincare products in our online shop, from moisturizer to sun protection, catering for the skin needs for both women and men. Please take a look and shop for your favorite Laneige skincare products.

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IOPE Skincare

IOPE is another cosmetic brand under AmorePacific Corporation. The origin of this brand is Iope Lab. Lab is where the research takes place. Iope lab conducts deep research into skin, material and technology. 4300+ women had their skin conditions checked in Iope Lab and their skin was dignosed with Iope Lab’s cutting-edge device. Based on the research, Iope accurately diagnosis skin problems and delivers effective solution based on botanical ingredients . As such, Iope delivers safe and effective products to resolve various skin problems based on skin research and bio technology.

Iope Lab reported the result of survey on 500 women aged between 20-39 years old in Korea, 93% respondents reported that their skin was sensitive. For those people who has skin sensitivity, they always find it is hard to choose a skincare product, even a toner. They worry if there is harmful ingredient in the product, if there is enough moisture throughout the day, will it cause any pimple or acne, it is soothing and etc. Because of sensitive skin, people have to give up products with fragrance or texture. For your sensitive skin, there are variety of Iope skincare products for you to choose.

Iope skincare products range from anti-aging, wrinkle care, hydration, moisturizer, trouble care, pore care, mask/peel, sun protection and sensitive care. Please take a look at our 40+ iOPE skincare collections.

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Innisfree Skincare

Innisfree is eco-friendly and a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand created by Amore Pacific in 2002.  It is well-known for being South Korea’s first all-natural brand from Jeju Island.  Innisfree skincare products are named according to the Jeju ingredients added in.  You’ll start to love the products when you see the names of the products.

In our online shop, there are more than 100 Innisfree skincare products for you choose from, such as Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream Mask, Green Tea Sleeping Mask, Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask, Aloe Revitalizing Skin Mist, Forest For Men Skincare Set, Lifting Science anti-aging, No Sebum Toner, Bija Trouble Skin care, Ginger Honey range, Tangerine Vita C range and even more.

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What are the Skin Care Secrets?

Proper Skincare Makes Age Just A Number

We, especially our females, always want to know how to keep our skin healthy and youthful? Dermatology of AAD (American Academic Association of Dermatology) has revealed 10 skincare tips :

  1. Apply sunscreen every day before you go outdoors.
  2. Don’t smoke. 
  3. Check your skin for skin cancer.
  4. Use a self-tanner if you like looing tanned.
  5. Use skin care products that math your skin’s needs.
  6. Resist the urge to scrub your skin clean.
  7. Wash you face when waking, before bed, and after sweating
  8. Gently wash your face.
  9. Stress less.
  10. See dermatologist if you dislike your skin.

From the tips given by AAD, we’ve got the hints of buying skincare products:

Choose the Skincare Products Suitable for Our Skin and Use Them Regularly!!!